> 08-12-2014 // X-mas Specials


We wraped some special and limited packages for christmas. Check them out at our Nachtschatten Online Shop

> 17-11-2014 // Prolog Order


Our first studio album "Prolog" can now be ordered at our Nachtschatten Online Shop

> 13-11-2014 // Nachtschatten Sticker


Look out for that quality seal \m/. Also available at the Nachtschatten Online Shop

> 13-11-2014 // Label Deal


Well, it finally happend: WE HAVE A LABEL DEAL.
The lucky ones, that can call themselves our partner is SONIC REVOLUTION

> 14-11-2014 // Lagacy Live Review


Check out the live review and Pics of our show in Substage at Lagacy Magazine.

> 13-11-2014 // Nachtschatten Shop


Brand new Merch in the brand new Nachtschatten Online Shop

> 21-08-2014 // Tour with Craving


> 30-07-2014 // Gigs and Media


Check out the new confirmed gigs and the "Media" section with two songs of our Album Prolog!

> 10-04-2014 // Album Release Show


We are glad to announce the Release Show of our Debut Album "Prolog" at Substage - Karsruhe. We will rock the Stage with Deus Ex Vagina and The Italian Way on the 6th of June!